Did you Know?!?!

That you can borrow electronic books from our library and also from the Kansas Library.  There is also a service available to you that allows you to borrow magazines.  If you have a device that you use for reading bring it in and we will get you set up. . . why buy them when you can borrow them.  See the Library Director for help in setting this feature up on your device or give us a call and we can give you the information to set it up.

Story Tellers and Poets Unite

! Story Tellers and Poets unite !

Come to the Almena library on the FIRST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH.  We meet at 4pm until 5 or longer if we have several that want to read.  The first month we did not have any children attend but the 2nd month we did so our material was very diverse.

Based on feedback from the community, we will likely be moving the time to 6:30pm to accommodate our football practices and fall farming operations.

Come and read, perform, or just listen. . it is a great time!

Summer Reading Program Winners

Ehme Linner came in first again this year with 35 books read, Brogan McClain took second place with 30 books, his sister Kassidy McClain took 3rd with 29 books, Iris Schemper was in 4th place with 23 books, Griffin McKinney was close behind with 20 books followed by Clay VanPatten  with 19 books and and Asher VanPatten with 17.

Students were required to complete a questionnaire/recommendation for each book read.  We are proud of our students and wish them a great school year ahead

A special thanks to Hunter Towne, Maddie Gregor, Kaci Ross, Carlee Ross and Isabelle Schemper. . without their help if would not have been possible to manage 24 children along with the activities, snacks and reading.

We had local hero’s who came and shared with the group.  They were great and added a new dimension to our program.  A round of applause goes out to Steve Graf, Melissa McClain, Kirk Kasson, Mathew VanPatten and Rich Wenzl.

A very special thanks to our supporters for this year Kowpoke Lumber, Shopko Hometown, Nex-Tech, Kevin and Mim Tubbs, Almena State Bank, Stitch Up A Storm and a resident of Almena who wishes to remain anonymous.  With out their help we would not have had great prizes for our competitors.

Library Hours

 NEW  LIBRARY  HOURS Effective 8/16/15


Monday 3 – 6pm

Tuesday 1 – 5pm

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday CLOSED

Friday 1 – 4pm

Saturday 9am – Noon